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E-Blue SCION-32 E-sports Tower-Monitor | 32" (1920x1080) HD Panoramic Monitor | 144Hz | 3ms | LED Backlight | USB 2.0 ports: 2 | Monitor viewing Angle 178 | VR Zone | Black

Our Price: $839.95
Retail: $901.74
In Stock: Yes
Vendor: E-Blue
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Introducing the first "Hybrid Tower/Monitor" for Gamers! The Scion 32 combines a beautiful 32" 1080p 144hz display while holding all of your PC components in the back. Forget messy chords and wasted space. Level up your gaming experience with the Scion 32! You won't find a better-looking portable setup anywhere else.

32INCH -1080P /144HZ - SCION (Hybrid Tower-Monitor) - E-Blue Gaming

VR Zone
Giving complete flexibility to add favorite components to further enhance performance.

32INCH -1080P /144HZ - SCION (Hybrid Tower-Monitor) - E-Blue Gaming

Start LR
A curious decision for enthusiasts & competitive players.

32INCH -1080P /144HZ - SCION (Hybrid Tower-Monitor) - E-Blue Gaming

  • Size: 32 HD Panoramic Monitor
  • Monitor brand: Samsung
  • MOnitor viewing angle: 178 (Panoramic)
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
  • Picture format: 16:9
  • Frame Rate: 144Hz
  • Response Time: 3ms
  • Backlight Type: LED
  • Illumination: Blue
  • Fans: 2pcs - 1500RPM
  • USB 2.0 ports: 2
  • Double 3.5 mm jack: 3.5mm jack & 3.5mm micro jack
  • Stereo Speaker: 40hm
  • Product dimensions: 790x220x530mm
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