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Extreme PC Custom Intel Based System
  The Extreme PC Team works for you, you're the boss. Our configurator provides you with an endless amount of variety to choose from. We offer 90% more components than any of our competitors because we believe in the freedom to choose. Know your stuff? Check out our blank slate custom configurator and...
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  INTRICATE SIMPLICITY. ICARUS features the latest in space warfare technology. Customizable from bow to stern, ICARUS hits lights peed no matter what hardware you throw at her. Packing the latest in graphics technology, this battle station is ready for insane resolutions whether it be 4K or a nex...
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Grand Operations is the ultimate multiplayer experience, designed to seamlessly showcase the maps and modes of Battlefield™ V. Each Grand Operation presents a powerful narrative experience inspired by historical events. Shortly after launch, you will be able to take part in the first Grand Oper...
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POLARIS | Ultimate Virtual Reality Gaming Machine
POLARIS POWERFUL IMMERSIONPutting on the VIVE headset washes away the real world with fantastical experiences–from rec room-type games like ping-pong or pool to experiences spanning categories. SteamVR™ Tracking, stunning graphics, a 110˚ field of view, intuitive controls and HD hapti...
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ENiGMA ENiGMA is designed from the ground up for Virtual Reality Gaming at a low price point. Utilizing the latest in AMD technology from an 8-Core CPU to the all new POLARIS GPU architecture - It's safe to say, this thing KICKS VIRTUAL ASS! POWERFUL IMMERSIONPutting on the VIVE headset washes away t...
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The DNA of Project CARS 2 is motorsport. Each element of the game has been painstakingly fashioned to simulate the adrenaline-fuelled world of actual motorsport—from the officially licensed cars and tracks, to motorsport series and the realism of authentic handling, from the full spectrum o...
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Quantum RTX
Our Quantum RTX is Flight Ready!Are you?   Venture forth into the universe of Star Citizen with the Quantum RTX gaming system. Designed from the ground up to meet and exceed the hardware requirements in order to provide the most immersive gaming experience possible. The latest cutting edge c...
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INTRUDER - CQB Battle Station
Siege is a brand-new style of gameplay embracing the reality of counter-terrorist operatives across the world: intense and asymmetrical close-quarters combat between attackers and defenders. As a defender, you will have the means to transform your environment into strongholds to prevent the attackers fr...
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MSI INFINITE X9SF-409 | Intel Core I9-9900k (3.60GH
THE LATEST 9TH GEN INTEL® CORE™ I9 K SERIES PROCESSORThe most powerful generation of Intel® Core™ desktop processors. Whether you are a gamer looking for a fantastic in-game experience with the performance headroom for smooth live streaming and seamless highlights recording or you a...
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