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SPECTRE | Extreme PC Watercooled Signature Series

Our Price: $9,500.66
Finance from $272.19/month!
Rating: unrated
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- AMD RYZEN 7 2700X @4.5Ghz
- Extreme PC Custom Watercooling
- DARKSIDE Components
- 16GB Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB
- Corsair HX850I Modular Silent PSU
- 512GB Samsung 970 PRO M.2 SSD
- Singularity Computers Spectre Chassis
- Windows 10 Home Ed. 64-BIT OS
- Monitor (extra) - Add it in configurator
  Click the "Customize" Button below to
  Configure SPECTRE.
- Other Special Components Available
  Upon Request.

Visionary? You can look at it like that.

We create Extreme machines for your digital worlds. This time, we created something truly unique that has never been done before in the history of computing.


Distinguishing Features for Ultimate Performance

Spectre is designed from the ground up to be able to handle anything you could possibly throw at it. With performance surpassing the most high end workstations in the industry, Spectre does it all while staying cool and silent.


Form Respecting Function

With timeless elegant styling, Spectre is unmistakably EXTREME. Incorporating an integrated manifold Spectre is able to stay shockingly cool during the most intense workloads.


The first commercially available system with an integrated manifold, designed exclusively for liquid cooling. This system ships with it's own hand made pelican case for secure travel.

Ad Personam

Discover all of the possibilities for customizing your Extreme PC Spectre. We think you should be able to design the system of your dreams. That’s why we provide a range of colors for tubing, cables and lighting.




As all our systems are, Spectre is fully customizable from the ground up. Our default configuration unlocks the full potential of Spectre, however, you can change anything you like - we offer all the components from our hardware partners so you aren't limited in any way when designing your dream machine!


A Special Something

Spectre is designed for users who want something truly unique, something can't be replicated by spending a few bucks at your local computer shop. Designed by our friends at Singularity Computers the Spectre chassis is hand made from scratch, providing you with a unique look only rivaled by companies like McLaren and Porsche.


Image result for threadripper logo

AMD's latest THREADRIPPER 2950X has smashed it's way onto the market conquering benchmarks with price/performance ratios that were unimaginable until today. With 32 Threads at 4.4Ghz underwater, it performs like a true gaming processor, while providing outstanding performance in CPU intensive workstation applications.   


Unlimited Potential

Spectre can hold up to 4 video cards simultaneously, any combination of GPU's will have no problem staying ice cold with dual 360mm radiators.



So you've customized your Spectre and outfitted it with all your favourite components, but what's next? Every Batman needs a Robin, and every Spectre needs a beautiful FreeSync monitor to accompany it as well! As we all know, no matter what hardware you purchase, driving resolutions like 1440p 144hz, or 2160p+ is no easy task.  

Even with the most advanced hardware on the planet, you will see your frame rate change depending on what needs to be rendered in your game. When your frame rate is below the native refresh rate of your display, you start to see stuttering. This is because your monitor must repeat frames in order to reach it's refresh rate limit. FreeSync fixes this problem by allowing your monitor dynamically change it's refresh rate based on how many frames your video card is outputting - removing stuttering entirely!

The Extreme PC Team works for you, you're the boss. Our configurator provides you with an endless amount of variety to choose from. We offer 90% more components than any of our competitors because we believe in the freedom to choose. Know your stuff? Check out our blank slate custom configurator and start customizing your dream machine! We also offer pre-configured solutions based on the types of games you play.

Our team is here to help, we can be reached via phone, email, or social media to answer any questions you may have about your system configuration.

You won't be dealing with anonymous overseas agents that don't know you or what your system specs are. This dedicated team consists of the same knowledgeable veterans and gamers that build and test our units in the XPC factory in Guelph, ON. Meaning you speak directly to the person that assembled your system! Personalized service doesn't get any better.

We need just 2-3 business days to assemble and test your dream machine from the time you submit your order. This is extremely fast compared to our competition that makes you wait 7-14 business days. In addition to our speedy turn around times, we also offer delivery to local customers via our environmentally friendly Tesla Model X (GTA + Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph Areas).

  • We assemble, manufacture, and support our systems here in Canada.
  • Our salesmen do not receive commission.
  • Our systems are hand-made, and run through a 48 hour extreme stress test for quality assurance.
  • The same people who build your machine, support your machine.
  • Extreme PC works with key vendors to attack the market with the latest technologies.
  • We do not install any bloatware – no 3rd party software installed for a clean and reliable system.
  • Our warranties are all serviced here in Canada.

Freedom Of Choice

We believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We let you decide what you want to add into your dream machine. That goes for everything from the type of Chassis you prefer, to what variant of video card you'd like, even down to your preferred color of custom sleeved cables.

Most other System Integrators limit you in terms of what version of component your allowed to buy. We don't limit you to reference designs like our competitors. Not only do custom AIB cards perform better than their reference counterparts, but aesthetically they are on a whole other level!

Choices, Choices, Choices!
Extreme PC offers a wide variety of systems ranging from quick reliable workstations to blazing fast gaming systems. Check out our various models below to find the system that perfectly fits your needs. Keep in mind each system is customizable from the ground up! Need more storage space? No problem! - add in as many drives as you like! Want more graphics horsepower? Check out our video card section where we list every model available on the market!


Build Quality

Extreme PC has over 2 decades of experience in building high end gaming systems. Every system we assemble is hand crafted by skilled system technicians that literally live computers. Everything from assembly, to testing and Q/A are handled by us, in house. This ensures maximum product quality and customer satisfaction. As hardware enthusiasts we understand the importance of aesthetics and attention to detail - every machine we produce is unique and tailored to our customer's needs.

We don't build clones - we use creativity and innovation to bring something new to consumers that gives them the chills time and time again. True Innovation, never gets old.


The Configurator allows a person with limited computer knowledge to make the necessary adjustments to any of our pre-defined system configurations and have it match their horsepower as well as budget requirements!

The Customer can modify all aspects of their new computer and immediately have the system price available in real time, right next to their custom system configuration. In addition to the price, the customer can click the green double arrow button located next to the quoted system price and receive a visual presentation of all the system components selected for the build.

Each system component has a “View” button beside it. When clicked, a full product description and actual cost of component is shown. Should a customer wish to purchase any item separately, they can go back to the main store section of the website and buy the item for that exact price. Each item on the Extreme PC website has detailed information accompanied with actual image(s) of the product.

Extreme PC Price Trend Graph

Extreme PC is the only system builder to show its customer a “Price Trend Graph”. Essentially it’s a price graph that shows how each item we carry is holding value over the course of last 7 months. This information allows our customers to make more informed purchases. Additionally, it allows you to see when the last price drop occurred and it shows how much money was saved without any guess work. As a proud Canadian business, we believe in honesty and transparency.

Canada EH! - Extreme PC is 100% Canadian owned and operated.

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