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SONY VPL-HW55ES Full HD Home Theater ES Projector | Full HD(1920x1080)x3 6,220,800 pixels | Brightness : 1,700 lm | Contrast Ratio : 120,000:1 | Picture Modes : 8 Modes for 2D and 3D | Lens Shift Function : Yes (Manual) | Noise Reduction : NR/MPEG NR | Lamp control : High/Low | Ultra Low Fan Noise : 21dB | HDMI™ Connection(s) : 2 In | 3D Sync : Yes | Black

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Immersive, vibrant picture

Enjoy an immersive picture with deep black levels in just about any home theater environment through the VPL-HW55ES 120,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 1,700 ANSI lumen brightness.


As close to the original masters as possible

Watch your favorite HD movies and television shows with detail as close to the original masters as possible. Sony’s proprietary Reality Creation algorithm restores important fine detail that was lost due to compression during the mastering process, even for high definition video.

Cinema-like 3D brightness

Sony’s dynamic lamp control technology and rechargeable 3D glasses work together perfectly to establish vibrant, cinema-quality brightness levels on your favorite 3D movies and shows.

240Hz for a better 3D picture

The 240Hz panel drive, along with dynamic lamp control technology, minimizes 3D crosstalk. This greatly diminishes the possibility of ghosting when watching 3D.

Watch standard HD content in 3D

Add a new dimension to your favorite movies, shows or videos with Sony’s unique 2D to 3D up-conversion algorithm, allowing any high definition 2D content connected via HDMI® to be viewed in immersive Sony 3D.

Whisper-quiet fan

Forget that the projector is even in the room. Due to the VPL-HW55ES advanced air discharge system, Sony’s whisper-quiet fan emits only 22db during show time.


Smoother, sharper motion

Enjoy smooth, sharp motion with Sony’s Motionflow™ technology with Dark Frame Insertion and 24p True Cinema™ technologies.

 Extreme PC recommends the DNP SUPERNOVA BLADE Front Projection Screen to fully utilize the VPL-HW55ES's True FHD Technology and insane contrast ratios!


Manufacturer's Pricing Policy
"Why Do we have Email Price Policy on some projector brands and screens?"

The answer is pretty simple: Extreme PC is an authorized reseller, and as an authorized reseller we are bound by manufacturer restrictions on how and where we can show pricing. Every manufacturer and projector has a different M.A.P. (minimum advertised price) policy, which is why sometimes we can show the price and other times we are required to email the price, or have the customer call our toll free number to get a quote.

Extreme PC is an authorized reseller and as such we have respect the pricing policy set by the manufacturer for each specific projector or screen we offer on our website. We have done our best to adhere to these policies, while at the same time provide our customers with the pricing information needed to make decisions as directly as possible. If you see other sites that show pricing when Extreme PC has "Email for Price" policy on that specific product, because they may not be an authorized reseller and/or breaking the manufacturer's M.A.P. policy, which should give cause for concern, because they may disregard your requests just like they do the manufacturer's.


The revolutionary dnp Supernova front projection screen is ideal for bright environments. Featuring an active high-contrast filter, the screen reflects the projected image while effectively absorbing ambient light (undesirable light from other sources). The result is vivid, sharp pictures with up to 7 times the contrast and double the brightness of conventional front projection screen images.

  • Ergonomic viewing
  • Compatible with all standard projectors
  • Screen sizes of up to 120” in the 16:9 format and 100” in the 4:3 format
  • Also available in 16:10 and 2.35:1 format
  • ISF-certified screen material available
  • Frames available in black and aluminium
  • Floor stand available

With a 65% market share, dnp denmark is the world’s leading supplier of optical projection screens for high-quality display solutions. The dnp product portfolio includes a wide range of optical screens for front projection and rear projection applications. Many of the world’s leading brands depend on dnp for their screen solutions.

Since 1989, dnp denmark has been the worldwide large-screen production centre of Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. With 35 production plants, 21 product divisions, more than 34,000 employees worldwide and an annual turnover exceeding USD 13 billion, Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. is one of the world’s largest printing and media companies.

At dnp denmark we believe in continuous improvement. That’s why every major development in the field of optical projection technology over the past decade has come from our laboratories. A key factor underpinning our success is the pipeline of new technologies and technical solutions running between dnp denmark and our parent company in Japan.

Residence of dnp denmark

The dnp Supernova Blade is an elegant, frameless front projection screen that is ideal for use in meeting rooms, retail stores and residential applications. Only 3mm thick and available in sizes 100”, 110” and 120” in 16: 9, it meets modern customers’ demand for flatter, wider screens which maximise image size while reducing the space requirement of the overall installation. The screen’s clean look and slim-line format suit modern architecture and interiors perfectly. At the same time, the dnp Supernova Blade performs superbly, providing a great viewing experience, even in brightly lit environments.

  • Frameless, space-saving design
  • Minimal screen thickness - only 3 mm
  • Available in sizes 100”, 110” and 120” in 16:9 format
  • Easy to install on wall or ceiling
  • Performs in brightly lit environments
  • Up to 7 times higher contrast than conventional front screens
  • Available with 08-85 ISF-certified screen material or 23-23 material
  • Compatible with all standard projector

Big screens - the power of the projected image

Optical projection screens from dnp are bigger than a flat screen tv, brighter than a traditional projection screen and offer higher resolution than LED displays. With optical projection screens you can create stunning larger-than-life visual experiences. The combination of big screen formats and unique image quality draws viewers in irresistibly, whether they’re in a home entertainment or business video conference environment.

Though it only represents a small part of the installation, the projection screen is the focal point of the AV solution. A bad screen can ruin the visual experience; a good one can dramatically improve it.

So why spend money on a small flat screen TV or a large screen TV of poor quality. Whichever way you look at it, it’s worth investing in the best available big screen technology.

The optimal viewing experience

An optical projection screen from dnp is not a traditional front projection or rear projection screen. It is a big screen with an advanced optical lens system, which enables you to control the projected image for maximum impact – even in brightly-lit environments.

While conventional front projection and rear projection screens spread the light in all directions, dnp screens enhance the image for optimum viewing by focusing and concentrating the projected light.

Different screen types suit different projection environments, which is why dnp manufacture the world’s most extensive range of high-contrast screens. Depending on where you want to project, you can choose between two main categories:
front projection screens and rear projection screens for built-in solutions.

Projection in high ambient light

Until recently, projection on big screens was only possible in a darkened room. Now, thanks to dnp’s optical screens and contrast-enhancement technologies, you can project high-quality big screen images in any environment.

Our screens can be hung in free space or built into walls, cubes, big screen tv sets and mobile retro boxes. Each optical screen type gives you the freedom to choose between several features including enhanced contrast, brightness, resolution and image uniformity. This means you can select a screen that meets the exact demands of your projector and installation environment

When this is said, there are major differences. Generally speaking, optical rear projection screens generate the best image, but they also require more space. Optical front projection screens are extremely space-effective, but also less resistant to ambient light than dnp rear projection screens.

best image or space-effective?

Benefits of dnp front projection screens

Benefits of dnp rear projection screens

  • Easy to install
  • No dedicated projection room required
  • Space-effective design
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Enhanced mobility of screen and projector
  • Enhanced contrast and image brightness
  • Suitable for high brightness applications
  • No shadows from the presenter/viewers cast onto the screen
  • Projection equipment is hidden behind the screen
  • Noise-free operation

dnp optical projection screens boost the quality of your image!

Breaking the 15:1 contrast barrier

In bright projection environments contrast is crucial to achieving an outstanding image. Conventional rear or front projection screens are associated with darkness, curtains and blinds. They reflect all available light not just the projector’s light, creating poor contrast levels. These low contrast ratios often cause eyestrain – and make it hard for the audience to concentrate.

Empirical studies show that in order for a viewer to be able to see detailed information clearly, the minimum acceptable image contrast is 15:1.

This is NOT achievable using a standard white front projection screen in normal environments. That’s why, in 2004, dnp introduced the Supernova screen range – the world’s first front projection screens to break the 15:1 contrast barrier. What’s more, our rear projection screens offer contrast ratios of well above 30:1.

Thanks to advanced contrast-enhancement technologies, dnp optical screens dramatically boost the perceived quality of your image. You get blacker blacks, more vivid colours and brighter, sharper images. In fact, scientific tests show that dnp optical screens can enhance the contrast level of a projected image by 7 times when compared to a similar image on a standard white front projection screen.

Projection screens tailored to the human eye

For comfortable viewing

The human eye is a very complex mechanism that can adjust to a variety of different environments. You can scan your local newspaper by the light of the moon – just as you can in broad daylight. But when you force the eye to accommodate light conditions outside its comfort zone, it protests. A headache begins. Eyelids grow heavy. The mind starts to wander...

“Eye-gonomics” is a term we’ve coined to describe the science of designing presentation equipment to fit the viewer, rather than forcing the viewer to try to accommodate the presentation.

An excellent presentation experience requires balance. In a bright meeting room, a conventional front projection screen produces an image that looks weak and washed out. And if you darken the room, the image often becomes too bright. In both cases, the imbalance between image and environment frequently results in viewer eyestrain, fatigue and headaches – in other words, poor eye-gonomics.

An eye-gonomical display, on the other hand, does two things:
1) It is balanced with the brightness of the surrounding environment, so that the eye doesn’t have to adapt constantly.
2) It ensures a contrast level in the perceived screen image that fits the eye’s need for comfortable viewing. dnp screens are eye-gonomical displays.

7 times the contrast of standard front screens

Front projection screen in brightly-lit rooms

The award-winning dnp Supernova Screen is the world’s first front projection screen designed for brightly-lit environments. For the first time ever, you don’t have to dim the lights when using a front projection solution. And with its elegant design and generous dimensions, Supernova is sure to make an impact in virtually any viewing environment.

With up to 7 times the contrast and double the image brightness of standard front projection screens, Supernova Screens provide superior image quality, even in high ambient light. That means you can maintain eye contact with your audience during your presentation. Read their facial expressions. Clarify a point by drawing on a whiteboard. Hold up a product sample for everyone to see. Make sure viewers stay alert and involved.

Supernova Screens are ideal anywhere that requires a superior front presentation solution and where a traditional flat screen TV is not big enough. The series is made up of three overall types of optical screens, Fixed, Retractable and Portable, with new models constantly in development. Available in a wide variety of finishes, formats and sizes, it’s easy to find a screen that fits both your technicalneeds and installation environment. Supernova is compatible with all standard projectors and is easy to install and maintain.

Big screen projection principle

Supernova combines the superior image quality normally limited to optical rear projection with the minimal space requirements and installation ease of front projection screens. In other words, you get the best of both worlds.

Supernova’s unique combination of technologies actively enhances both image contrast and brightness – resulting in up to 7 times the contrast and double the image brightness of traditional front projection screens. Not only does that mean more vivid colours and more detailed images, it also means more economy: with Supernova’s increased brightness you’ll only need a small projector.

Supernova Screens feature an active high-contrast filter that reflects the projected image while effectively absorbing available light from other angles. This unique technology means the screen is virtually unaffected by diffused ambient light and is ideal for bright environments.

Supernova front projection screen materials

Supernova Screens feature two types of screen material designed to meet specific projection needs. Both are suitable for use in bright and dark rooms.
Suitable for use in bright and dark rooms
Supernova 23-23 screen material
With its ‘second generation’ reflector, this new generation high gain (NGHG) material offers uniform brightness, improved horizontal viewing and almost eliminates shimmering all together. It performs superbly in both dark and bright rooms with a range of projectors, large and small. This is the ideal screen material for environments with wide viewing angles such as Conference Rooms, Point of Sales (POS) and Points of Information (POI) applications.
Available for: Supernova One, Supernova Core, Supernova Infinity and Supernova Blade

Supernova 08-85 screen material
This ISF-certified screen material features true deep black levels, high contrast and extreme viewing angles. It is especially well-suited to use in low-light environments but can also be used in bright rooms when combined with a more powerful projector. ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certification defines the very highest quality of displays. Available for: Supernova One, Supernova Core, Supernova Epic, Supernova Infinity, Supernova Flex and Supernova Flex Classic. Supernova Mobile uses Supernova 08-85A screen material optimized for table-mounted projectors.

Product Specifications

Limited Warranty
  • 3D Features

    • 3D Glasses Brightness Adjustment : Yes
    • Format(s) : Supports Frame Packing, Side by Side, and Over Under formats ( see Acceptable Video Signals)
    • Effect Adjustment(s) : Yes
    • 2D to 3D Conversion : Yes
  • Convenience Features

    • Power Save Mode : Lamp Cutoff/Standby/Off
    • Auto Input Search : Yes
    • Control for HDMI (HDMI CEC) : Yes (One touch play / System Standby/Simple BRAVIA Sync setting
    • Image Flip : HV / H / V / Off
    • Remote Control : Yes (RM-PJ23)
  • Display

    • Aspect Ratio : Wide Zoom/ Zoom/ Normal/ Stretch/ V Stretch (Anamorphic zoom mode)/ Squeeze PC only: Full
    • Screen Size (measured diagonally) : 40-300
  • General

    • LCD Panel : 0.61" HFR SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display); Full HD(1920x1080)x3 6,220,800 pixels
    • Panel Display Resolution : Full HD(1920x1080)x3 6,220,800 pixels
  • General Features

    • Acceptable Computer Signals : fH: 19 to 72 kHz, fV: 48 to 92 Hz
    • Lamp Replacement Time (Recommended) : 2000/5000 hours
  • Inputs and Outputs

    • Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input(s) : Yes
    • PC Video Input(s) : Yes
    • 3D Sync : Yes
    • HDMI™ Connection(s) : 2 In
    • IR Input(s) : Yes
    • RS-232C Input(s) : Yes
  • Installation Features

    • Ultra Low Fan Noise : 21dB
    • Shift Range : V: +/- 0.71V; H: +/- 0.25H
    • Focus : Yes (Manual)
    • Shift : Yes (Manual)
    • Zoom : Yes (Manual) 1.6X
  • Network Features

    • AMX protocol : Yes
  • Operating Conditions

    • Operating Humidity : 35 to 85% (no condensation)
    • Operating Temperature : 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)
    • Replacement Lamp : LMP-H202
  • Power

    • Power Requirements : AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 poles AC 100V, 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption (in Standby) : 0.5W - 8W
    • Power Consumption (in Operation) max. : 300W
      • x.v.Color™ : Yes
  • Video

    • Contrast Ratio : 120,000:1
    • Picture Modes : 8 Modes for 2D and 3D (Cinema Film 1-2, REF TV, Photo, Game, BRT Cine, BRT TV, User)
    • Brightness : 1,700 lm
  • Video Features

    • DRC® Mode : Resolution: Yes, Noise Filtering: Yes, Test: On/Off
    • Contrast Enhancer : High/Middle /Low/Off
    • Acceptable Video Signals : 15 kHz RGB 50/60 Hz, Progressive component 50/60 Hz, 480/60i, 576/50i, 480/60p, 576/50p,720/60p, 720/50p, 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 1080/60p (HDMIinput only), 1080/50p (HDMI inputonly), 1080/24p (HDMI input only)
    • Film Mode : Yes
    • Lens Shift Function : Yes (Manual)
    • Motionflow™ Technology : Yes (with Film Projection On/Off, with Motion Enhancer High/Low/Off)
    • Color Space : BT.709/Color Space 1-3
    • Color Temperature : D93/D75/D65/D55/Custom 1-5
    • Gamma Correction : 1.8/2.0/2.1/2.2/2.4/2.6 Gamma 7-10/Off
    • Noise Reduction : NR/MPEG NR
    • Lamp control : High/Low
  • Weights and Measurements

    • Dimensions (Approx.) : 16 x 7 x 18 1/4 in (407.4 x 179.2 x 463.9mm)
    • Weight (Approx.) : 21.1 lbs. (9.6kg)
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