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ASUS USB 3.1 Type-C Expansion Card | USB 3.0 - Up to 10Gb/s | 1 Port | PCI Express One Lane 2.5Gb/s

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Vendor: ASUS
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World's first easy-fit 10Gb/s USB 3.1 card!
ASUS brings you the world's first discrete USB 3.1 card with a reversible Type-C socket for any-way-up connections. ASUS USB 3.1 Type-C Card (Single) is the simple-to-fit PCI Express expansion card that works with any PCIe x4, x8 and x16 slot. It adds the all-new reversible USB 3.1 Type-C port to your ASUS motherboard* for brilliant simplicity and ultimate-speed transfers of up to 10Gb/s — or twice as fast USB 3.0. The next-generation standard is completely backward-compatible with your existing gear, and you'll be all set for USB 3.1's breakneck speeds. And ASUS-exclusive USB 3.1 Boost technology pushes real-world speeds faster than ever before, sequential read/write speeds of up to 854.6/863.9MB/s.


  • Interface
    PCI Express x4 interface (run @ x2)
    Compatible with PCI Express x4, x8 and x16 slots
  • External Connectors
    1 x USB 3.1 port [Type C]
    Backward compatible with USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 interface
  • Operating System
    Windows® 10
    Windows® 8.1 32/64-bit
    Windows® 8 32/64-bit
    Windows® 7 32-bit
    Windows® 7 64-bit
  • Accessories
    1 x Support CD 
    1 x Quick Start Guide
  • Dimensions
    3.12” x 2.9” ( 7.93 cm x 7.36 cm)
  • Note
    [1] XHCI Mode supported
    [2] The USB 3.1 add-on card is only compatible with selected ASUS motherboards. Please refer to www.asus.com for the latest list of compatible models.
    [3] To fully support the USB 3.1 function, please refer to www. asus.com to update to the latest BIOS version.
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