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Extreme PC Optimized for Davinci Resolve

Price: $4,065.50
Finance from $120.58/month!
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Davinci Resolve relies heavily on the performance of your GPU, however the processor is still a critical component of your system. Generally a Ryzen 9 processor will be more than enough power if you are using a single GPU; if you are using more than one video card, we suggest going with a Threadripper processor to achieve the best performance possible. We chose the Ryzen 9 5900x because of it's incredible price to performance metrics - this processor easily outperforms the highest end Intel processors for a fraction of the cost.

Davinci Resolve leverages your video card to improve playback and rendering performance. The amount of GPUs you can utilize depends on which version of Resolve you are using. The free version of Resolve can only utilize a single GPU, however the studio version supports up to 8 GPUs. Keeping this in mind, we chose to include a high end graphics card to ensure you are getting maximum performance.

Davinci recommends 32GB of RAM for 4k video and 64GB+ for video above 6k resolution.

- This system and it's components are all CSA approved.
- System Price Includes all University CFI Discounts
- Changes and additional components can be changed or added by clicking the green 'customize button'.

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