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HP OMEN X EMPERIUM G-SYNC GAMING DISPLAY | 65" 3840x2160 | 144hz 14ms | Quantum Dot Technology - Full Direct Array Local Dimming | HDR-1000 | GeForce Now Access | Built-In Google Assistant | Soundbar Included | Vesa Mount

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Retail: $7,235.52
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Vendor: HP
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OMEN X Emperium  65
World’s First 65” Gaming Display with NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Ultimate

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Play. Bigger.
Massive, mind-blowing, and incredibly immersive—the OMEN X Emperium 65 takes over your living room, and all your senses, with its 65-inch diagonal screen, 4K² UHD resolution, and HDR-1000 visuals.

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Game-changing visual technologies
Quantum dots
Trillions of tiny cadmium-free3 quantum dots deliver rich colors and increased brightness, all with using less energy than other display technologies.

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High velocity-visuals.
Ultra-smooth gaming.
Powered by NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Ultimate technology, you're equipped to take on today's top titles with the fastest and smoothest gameplay imaginable.
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Your entertainment powerhouse
Transform your entertainment experience with built-in NVIDIA® SHIELD™ TV—the most advanced 4K HDR streamer on the planet.

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Pulse-pounding audio, perfected.
Take your sensory experience one step further with the award-winning5 OMEN X Emperium Soundbar.


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